Trio Line A/S

Trio Line A/S is a family-owned company, which was founded in Odense in 1984. In 1991 the Bahnsen family took over the company and moved it to Hårby. At the time of the take over, there were only 10 employees. Today there are 25 employees. Originally, Trio Line produced sofas but over the years, Trio Line has developed into Scandinavian's biggest producer of high quality designer furniture. Trio Line cooperates with many of the great Danish furniture producers and functions as their supplier within upholstery. Furthermore, Trio Line has its own collection of relax chairs which is mainly sold in Europe, Asia and North America.



Trio Line can produce its chairs in almost all kind of fabric and leather and Trio Line's production facility is very flexible towards specific requirements from customers. 

Phone: +86 22 82114840-831