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About Fangda Partners


We are one of the first truly private partnership Chinese law firms. In response to the economic growth in China and the increasingly extensive and diverse requirements of a growing number of international investors, our mission is to provide professional service with high quality to meet the needs of our clients.

As a recognized leading PRC law firm in the commercial field, we serve both PRC and international clients successfully in various industries and are continuously involved in, advising on, and creating innovative legal structures for transactions in a whole spectrum of commercial areas such as capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, banking, structured finance, project finance, general corporate, inward investment, commercial property, tax, intellectual property, insolvency, telecommunications, media and Internet.

The firm is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each client. In the wide range of fields in which we are involved, we place great emphasis on excellence of services, a commercial attitude to transactions, efficiency of costs and, of course, speed of response.


The firm currently has four offices in Shanghai, Beijing , Shenzhen and Hong Kong respectively. With these four offices, the firm is one of few Chinese law firms having real coverage of transactions taken place nationwide.

Beijing is the capital of China as well as the financial and economic center. Our team in Beijing is strong in M & A, private equity and capital markets transactions and has very good reputation in providing services to multinational clients.

Shanghai is the financial and commercial center of China. Our Shanghai office has been a primary practice in the city for many years and has continued to have a dominant market share in high profile transactions.

Shenzhen is the special economic zone of China and the financial and commercial center for southern China. Our Shenzhen team is one of few quality legal service providers in the city and also covers the Pearl-river Delta and other southern provinces in China. For details of our teams at each location, please go to Locations.


We have over 200 lawyers placed in our four offices nationwide. All of them are selected according to strict standards. Quality of professional service is of paramount importance. However, versatility of our lawyers is highly encouraged by the firm, inter alia, the mastering of various transaction-related knowledge. A close understanding of commercial realities by our lawyers is emphasized to ensure that we are able to find the most appropriate approach for our clients.

The firm is able to assist cross-border transactions. Most of our lawyers have bilingual capabilities and some of them have been educated or trained in common law jurisdictions. The firm has experience of co-operation with leading international firms in New York, London and Hong Kong, and is consistently recognized as one of the most able legal advisors on PRC laws in various cross-jurisdiction deals.

For details of our lawyers, please go to Fangda Lawyers.


Particular attention has been paid to information technology in the firm. We invest substantially in information technology and other facilities to support our practice. In order to provide seamless teamwork services to clients, all of our offices are connected by high speed special lines so that our teams at different locations can access to a shared data base, our technology know-how and other resources in an efficient manner.

The firm is currently constructing an extranet for clients to have an immediate access to the most recent documents in any ongoing transactions.

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