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Young Professionals Career Insights with Richard Kang

31 Oct
Young Professionals Career Insights with Richard Kang

The Danish Young Professionals invites you to our Career Insights event, where you will get the opportunity to hear personal stories of how to make a career in China and broaden your knowledge of career opportunities in China.

We have invited DCCC board member, Richard Kang, general manager of HR-management consultancy company, Clavis Consultants, to give a talk on his own impressive career that started in a Danish company. Richard Kang will tell the story of how his career began at Maersk and how he in only six years advanced from the sales department to become the general manager of Maersk Training Centre China.

With a high expertise in HR and leadership development both internationally and in China, Richard Kang will not only tell the story of his own career, but also give inputs on how to kick-start a career by networking and presenting yourself correctly.

The presentation will follow up with a Q&A session. Afterwards you are more than welcome to stay and socialize and network with the other participants in the casual settings at Joe's Bar and Kitchen. Joe will serve you with happy hour offers on pizza, hotdogs and drinks the whole evening and a 10% discount on all other food.

If you are in the early stages of your career, this event is a great opportunity to learn more about how to develop your career! Bring a colleague, a friend or a fellow student for a casual and insightful evening at Joe's.

We look forward to seeing you!

Event details:
Time: Wednesday, Oct. 31st, 19:00-21:00.
Location: Joe's bar and kitchen, 6 West Gongti Road, Chaoyang District
Price: 50RMB (1 beer/drink/soft drink included) please pay at the door with cash or wechat
Registration: Via www.eventbank.cn/events/19263 or email to line@dccc.com.cn
Language: English


The Danish Young Professionals邀请你参加我们的Career Insights event(职业发展活动),在活动中你将有机会听到如何在中国发展事业的个人故事,并提升你对中国的就业机会的认识。

我们邀请了DCCC董事会成员、Clavis Consultants的人力资源管理咨询公司总经理, Richard Kang, 就自己在一家丹麦公司开始的令人印象深刻的职业生涯发表演讲。Richard Kang讲述他如何在Maersk开始自己的职业生涯,以及如何在短短六年内从销售部晋升为Maersk Training Centre China的总经理。

Richard Kang在国际和中国的人力资源和领导力发展方面都有很高的专业知识,他不仅会讲述自己的职业生涯,还会提供如何通过人际网络和正确展示自己来开启职业生涯的建议。

演讲后将进行问答环节。之后,我们非常欢迎你留下来,在Joe's Bar and Kitchen的休闲环境中与其他参与者进行社交和网络交流。Joe将为您提供整个晚上的披萨、热狗和饮料的欢乐时光套餐,并且其他所有食物都有10%的折扣。




地点:朝阳区工体西路6号Joe's Bar and Kitchen
价格:50元(含1杯啤酒/饮料/软饮料)please pay at the door with cash or wechat