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Legal issues and risks in enterprise digital transformation

30 Oct
Legal issues and risks in enterprise digital transformation
企业数字化转型常见法律问题及风险 - 中文分享 仅限会员

The DCCC is pleased to invite you to the second Legal Workgroup seminar of 2020 and we are honored to invite Samuel Yang, the partner of Anjie Law Firm. He will share his analysis and advice on legal issues regarding Legal issues and risks in enterprise digital transformation. It covers the following topics:




1. What is "Digitalization"? What are the typical business scenarios? 何谓企业“数字化”?企业数字化常见业务场景有哪些?


2.Legal issues and risks associated with digitalization. 常见法律问题及风险。

  • Legal issues related to e-commerce platform cooperation 电商平台合作相关法律问题
  • Legal issues of IT outsourcing contracts IT外包合同法律问题
  • Value-added telecom permits 增值电信许可问题
  • Go "cloud" 上“云”的问题
  • Data and cyber security compliance issues 数据及网络安全法律问题
  • Electronic signature 电子签名
  • Other issues 其他


3. Cases and discussions 案例及讨论



Event Details:


Date: Friday, 30 October 2020


Time: 14:00-15:30PM


Language: Chinese


Price: Free of charge(Only for members)


Registration link: https://app.glueup.cn/event/28989/