KIM LARSEN TRIBUTE - Oct. 19th at Moka Bros

19 Oct
KIM LARSEN TRIBUTE - Oct. 19th at Moka Bros

On September 30th Denmark lost one of its most dearest and iconic musicians when Kim Larsen passed away at an age of 72. With a guitar in his hands and a cigarette in his big mouth Kim Larsen both solo and with his former band Gasolin had a firm place in Danish music history with hits like "Jutlandia" "Papirsklip" and "Midt om natten" to name a few.

All over the news and on social media and people have paid their tributes to Kim and more than 50.000 people walked and lit up the streets together listening to Kim Larsen's music to commemorate the icon.

Larsen deserves a tribute from Beijing as well and therefore, we would like to invite you to a night of beer, food and Kim Larsen music at Moka Bros in Shuangjing - both live and on the stereo. Musicians from the Danish community will perform Kim Larsen's song in both Danish and English and there will be happy hour all night on beer, cocktails and food.

This evening is for the Danish community in Beijing to get together and commemorate Kim Larsen and for anyone who would like to come and enjoy Kim Larsen's music and experience his vast impact on Danish culture.

We hope to see you at Moka Bros!


Event details

Time: Oct. 19th 19:00-23:00
Venue: Moka Bros, 3rd East Ring Rd. nr 22
Price: Free for everyone
Registration: Via Eventbank or email to