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8 Dec

Dear Esteemed DCCC Members, we are pleased to announce that the three Chambers of Commerce in China (North, East and South) will be merging into one strong united organization to serve the interests of Danish Companies across China.


In order to accomplish this, we are required by our current AoA & Bylaws to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to solicit the agreement of our membership to pass a new set of AoA and Bylaws which will subsequently be registered with the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs.


This email is an invitation to all members of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China to join the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 8th of December 2021 16:00-18:00 at The Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Beijing.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for your continuous support for the DCCC. We have no doubt that one collaborative and united organization will not only allow us to be able to do our work more efficiently with the consolidation of HR and finance functions within the organization, but more importantly, we believe that a strong and united Danish Chamber will support the Danish companies in China to the strongest effect.


All three chapter boards in North, East and South are unanimously supporting the new proposed AoA and Bylaws.


We strongly encourage you to join your local DCCC EGM to support this important path that our organization is now venturing on. If you should be unable to join, we kindly ask you to appoint a proxy to participate and vote on behalf of the company. It is important that we have as big a participation as possible.



On behalf of


Mathias Severin Boyer, Chairman DCCC North

Simon Lichtenberg, Chairman DCCC East

Jan Broni, Chairman DCCC South


Registration link: http:// app.glueup.cn/event/extraordinary-general-meeting-dccc-north-beijing-34780/