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An evening with Rane Willerslev, Director of the National Museum of Denmark

How do you make history attractive in the age of the internet?

Director of the National Museum of Denmark, Rane Willerslev, a household name in Denmark, will give a talk at the Bookworm and discuss the value of history in the internet age with the audience.

Rane Willerslev is an anthropologist and an active communicator. In order to spark the interest for traditional museum culture, he has used untraditional methods and have introduces a 'boring button' that visitors can press. The director is also the main character of a documentary series - Ranes Museum. First series followed his first six months as director of the National Museum. His humorous and talkative personality quickly made him a household name in Denmark and helped bridge the gap to the new generation of museumgoers. Second series is not under production and one episode will be filmed while he is visiting China.

In addition to his academic research, Willerslev often discusses topics such as society, education, and women's rights in the media. Willerslev's main field of research has been among Siberia's indigenous peoples (Yukaghirs and Chukchi) and the Ik, a hunting and subsistence agriculturalist population in northern Uganda.

While the overall bulk of his work has been concerned with the human-animal interfaces (the 'new animism' debate) and visual anthropology, his publications cover a wide spectrum of classical and more recent anthropological themes, ranging from sacrifice, over death and mortality studies, museum studies, and most recently experimental methodology, and the interface between anthropology, biology, and archeology.

Event details
Date and time: November 21st, 19:30-21:30
Venue: The Bookworm, Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Price: 60RMB (incl. 1 drink)
Language: English
Registration: Via https://yoopay.cn/event/96704890 or email to line@dccc.com.cn


丹麦国家博物馆馆长,Rane Willerslev,一个丹麦家喻户晓的人物,将会在Bookworm发表演讲,与观众们一起分享在这个互联网时代中,历史的价值。 Rane Willerslev是一位人类学家以及一位热衷于沟通的人。为了使传统博物馆重新散发魅力,他引用非传统的方法,设置了一个游客可以按下的"无聊"按钮。馆长同时也是一部纪录片的主角——Rane的博物馆。第一季记录了他作为国家博物馆馆长的第一个半年。他幽默和健谈的个性很快使他在丹麦家喻户晓以及减小了博物馆爱好者之间的代沟。第二季还未开始制作,其中的一集将在他走访中国时录制。

除了他的学术研究之外,Willerslev也经常在社交媒体上发表他对于社会、教育以及女权的看法。 Willerslev's 主要的研究领域涵盖了对西伯利亚原住民和IK——在北乌干达的以狩猎和农业为导向的人群。 他大部分的研究是关于人类—动物交流("新万物有灵论"的争论)和视觉人类学的,但同时他的出版物也广泛涉及了古典及近代的人类学主题,从牺牲、死亡和死亡率到博物馆研究。也包含最新的实验方法,人类学与生物学、考古学的相互作用等。

地点:北京朝阳区三里屯南路四号楼,The Bookworm
报名:通过 https://yoopay.cn/event/96704890或者给line@dccc.com.cn 发邮件