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An evening with Professor Jørgen Delman: Xiong An New Area - The dream city of politics, business and technology in China

24 Oct
An evening with Professor Jørgen Delman: Xiong An New Area - The dream city of politics, business and technology in China

In April 2017 president Xi Jinping announced the plans for Xiong An New Area - China's new green innovation Mecca. In the green freshwater wetlands south of Beijing a new smart city is about to rise as a shining political symbol implicating China's role as a green and innovative front runner. This massive city planning project raises a series of question like: What political motives lies behind? What are the implications of 'smart cities'? And lastly, what are the opportunities for Nordic companies in Xiong An?

The Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, Beijing, would like to invite you to an evening discussion with our three experts to uncover the political, technological and commercial/business related aspects of the Xiong An New Area. Lane Li from OHW tech inc. will kick off the discussions with an over all insight to the planning of Xiong An and will touch upon the opportunities for Nordic companies in Xiong An.

Jørgen Delman, Professor, China Studies, University of Copenhagen, will discuss Xiongan's development in its political context and how it makes sense from an urban development perspective. Casper Wichmann from ThinkChina will provide insights on smart cities in China and how A.I plays a part in urban planning and development.


The program for the evening
19.00 - Welcome - Mads Vesterager bids welcome to speakers and to the audience
19.10 - Presentation by Jørgen Delman: "Why did Xi Jinping want a new 'Dream City' in Xiongan, and what happens there?
19.40 - Presentation by Casper Wichmann: Urban Smart Cities in China
20.10 - "Presentation by Lane Li: The planning of Xiong An - What are the opportunities for Nordic companies?
20.30 - Moderator Q&A
20.40 - Audience Q&A
21.00 - Event Ends


Event details
Date and time: Oct. 24th at 19:00-21.00
Venue: Ilingu office, Shuangsi Hutong nr. 8, Xicheng Qu, Beijing
Price: 100RMB for members, 200RMB for non-members (including pizza and drinks)
Registration: Via Eventbank or email to line@dccc.com.cn
Language: English



中国丹麦商会(北京)邀请您与我们的三位专家一同参与讨论,以了解雄安新区的政治、技术和商业相关方面的问题. 北京奥海威科技有限公司的总经理李瑞国将讲解雄安的宏观规划以及北欧企业的进入机会。Jørgen Delman教授,来自哥本哈根大学中国研究领域,讲解雄安在政治语境下以及城市发展角度下的建设意义。Casper Wichmann,来自ThinkChina, 讲解关于中国智慧城市建设以及人工智能在城市规划和发展中的作用的见解。

19.00 - 欢迎词 - 倪迈森
19.10 - 习近平选择雄安为梦之城的目的,为什么?- Jorgen Delman
19.40 - 中国的智慧城市 - Casper Wichmann
20.10 - 雄安规划以及北欧企业的机会 - 李瑞国
20.30 - 主持人提问环节
20.40 - 听众提问环节
21.00 - 结束

时间:Oct. 24日, 19:00-21:00
地址:葡萄藤学院, 双寺胡同8号西城区北京市 (鼓楼地铁站马路对面胡同里)
票价:100元会员,200元非会员 (包括比萨和饮料)