DCCC Presents: Xiong’an New Area - The Cases of Danfoss and Velux - Nordic Opportunities under “The Thousand Year Plan”

13 Jun
DCCC Presents: Xiong’an New Area - The Cases of Danfoss and Velux - Nordic Opportunities under “The Thousand Year Plan”

Xiong'an has drawn immense attention, all around the world, as a highly prioritized project of the Chinese central government and of the president of China, Xi Jinping. The Chinese government has dubbed it "a millennial plan of national significance", and with the president firmly behind it as its main architect, the project is widely anticipated to have the potential to become the next Shenzhen or Pudong of China. The ambition is to create a green, intelligent cityscape and show the direction for the rest of China's future urban development. Still, details and actual prospects for the direction and scope of the area has yet to be put forward.

Several Danish companies, among them VELUX and DANFOSS, are already involved in Xiong'an, creating the first concrete synergies between high-tech Danish infrastructure and the green-city aspirations of Xiong'an New Area. The opportunities are seemingly abundant, but how has the project fared so far and how can Nordic businesses find their niche and benefit from the future development of the area?

To discuss this, The DCCC are very happy to invite you to an evening session with Per Boesgaard, Sector Counsellor on Sustainable City Development at The Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, Zhao Jinyan, managing director of Velux, Alfred Che, VP of Danfoss, and Ms. Yang Lei, the vice chief officer of Xiongan construction development research center. The four panelists are kloning this panel discussion to share their insides on the whole planning in Xiong'an city and how they see the prospects for Nordic business opportunities there. Mrs. Yang Lei will introduce the planning of construction development in Xiongan, from the government prospective; Mr. Zhao Jinyan will introduce how VELUX set up their first project at city center in Xiongan, Mr. Alfred Che will share their Xiongan strategy from Danfoss, the leading green energy and environment company and Mr. Per Boesgaard will discuss further potential for Danish urban solutions in Xiong'an.


这里蕴藏着大量的投资机遇,雄安新区成立一年以来,各个发展项目的进展如何?北欧企业如何在雄安新区中寻找发展机遇?为了探讨这些问题,商会邀请Mr. Per Boesgaard,丹麦大使馆城市可持续发展顾问;赵金彦先生,威卢克斯(中国)有限公司总裁;车巍先生,丹佛斯中国公司副总裁;杨蕾女士,雄安新区建设发展研究中心副主任。在此中国丹麦商会诚挚邀请您参加本次座谈会,共同探讨相关问题!


Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, June 13th, 18:30 - 20:30

Venue: Westin Hotel Chaoyang

Price: RMB 200 for members; RMB 400 for non-members (wine, coffee, tea and canapes included)

Language: English