DCCC Finance Workgroup: Individual Income Tax Law & End-Of-Year Discussion 个人所得税和社保政策的更新以及年度讨论

On August 31st, the new IIT law was finalized and will officially be in place from January 1st 2019. Meanwhile, the tax authorities will take over the responsibility for collecting social insurances starting from the same date.
These two new policies have triggered heated public discussion, and it will also bring new challenges to enterprises.

1. Key points of the IIT updates
2. Key points of social security updates
3. Challenges faced by the enterprises

Date: Thursday, November 29 14:00-16:30
Venue: B1, One Center Innovation Building A, Hangxing Science Park, No.11 Hepingli East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Fee: Free of charge, members only
Language: Chinese



时间:11月29日星期四 14:00-16:30
地点:北京东城区和平里东街 中关村雍和航星科技园 创新楼(壹中心)A座B1层 中国瑞典创新创业基地, 地铁2号线雍和宫站A口出,沿和平里北街往北。