Blockchain in Supply Chains

Blockchain in supply chains panel discussion

Blockchain has in recent years seen an upswing in attention. Not only in the private sector but even the Chinese government, which emphasized use of the technology in the latest five-year plan, as well as in the recent fourth plenum a few weeks ago. The early-stage technology is perhaps most famous for the cryptocurrency bitcoin. But the decentralized nature of the technology, it's tamperproof-ness and possibilities of creating a permanent history of a product, makes it useful to incorporate in many other technical solutions. Solutions like smart contracts, digital ledgers, and improved auditing, holds the power of changing how businesses operate. This is the reason why it is now moving from being a buzzword to being incorporated by multinational companies' supply chains.


To shed some light on the ongoing trend of blockchain infused supply chains, The Danish Chamber of Commerce together with the Danish Innovation center project Blockchain Business Bridge is arranging a panel discussion. Learn more about what solutions Danish and Chinese companies have already implemented. What problems it can solve, and which problems can it create - And is incorporating blockchain technology really relevant for every company?



Jens Eskelund Managing Director of Maersk China.


Ran Zhao Fintech/ICT Officer at the Danish Innovation Center and founder and project manager of the Business Blockchain Bridge


Gary Guo CEO of Beijing Lianwei Technology Co., Ltd.


Eileen Zheng Lenovo Data Center Group Global Strategy Director


Moderator: Mads Vesterager Nielsen, General Manager of Danish Chamber of Commerce



18.00 Registration and wine

18.20 Welcome by the General manager of the Danish Chamber of Commerce

18.25 Introduction of Blockchain Business Bridge

18.30 Panel discussion starts

19.15 Q&A from the audience

20.00 Event ends