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The European Business in China Award 2021 is to encourage excellence and identify outstanding achievements. The European Chamber wishes to recognise businesses that have made exceptional contributions through their involvement and leadership, and which act as role models in our community. 2021年在华欧洲企业奖颁奖晚宴旨在表彰在华欧洲企业中的优秀企业家与表现卓越的企业。欧盟商会希望使更多人了解那些积极引领中、欧贸易往来,并做出突出贡献的企业和个人。

The European Chamber is pleased to announce that registration and nominations for the 2021 European Business Awards are now open! Seven categories of awards are available for nominations. 我们高兴地宣布,正式开始接受晚宴报名及7个奖项的提名申请。晚宴报名可在此页面注册。有意向申请奖项的企业可参详以下“欧盟商会2021年度颁奖晚宴”奖项介绍及报名方式。

Event format as below 活动形式如下

Date 日期: June 25th, 2021 2021年6月25日

Venue 地点: Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen 深圳市福田区四季酒店

Format 形式: 6:00-7:00 pm, Networking Drinks 社交酒会

                   7:00-10:00 pm, Dinner and Awards Ceremony 晚宴及颁奖礼

Estimate attendees 预计出席人数:250-300

Table Booking & Payment 席位预定及付款信息

Please register through this event page 请通过此网页进行线上报名 

Members Price 会员价格:

Individual Tickets 单人票: ¥880

10 Seats Corporate Tables 10人桌: ¥8,000

Non-Members Price 非会员价格:

Individual Tickets 单人票: ¥1,280

10 Seats Corporate Tables 10人桌: ¥ 11,500

For corporate tables booking, please contact Ms Angel Zhang at azhang@europeanchamber.com.cn and 13823524620. 

如需预定10人桌,请联系张安琪女士 azhang@europeanchamber.com.cn ,13823524620。

Bank transfer information below 付款账户如下:

A/C Name: 中国欧盟商会

China CITIC Bank Capital Mansion Sub Branch


No. 6, Xinyuan Nan Road

Chaoyang District, 100004 Beijing



S.W.I.F.T. Code: CIBKCNBJ100

Please include the following information when you do the bank transfer. (Add note: Your company’s name +20210625 + SC)请在转账时备注相关信息(备注:公司名称+20210625+SC)。

Award Categories 奖项设置

European Companies (Chinese companies for the last category) have until 19th May 2021 to apply for the 7 award categories below请有意向的欧洲企业(由中国企业申请最后一个奖项)需在2021年5月19日前申请以下7个奖项

  • Silk Road Award (Nominated by European Chamber) 丝绸之路奖 (由商会提名,无需申请)
  • Top performers in China Award (2 Awards, 1 for MNC and 1 for SME) 欧洲在华企业最佳表现奖 (2个名额,分别为一个跨国企业和一个中小型企业)
  • Innovation & Intelligence Award 创新和智造奖
  • HR Excellence Award 人力资源卓越奖
  • Above & Beyond Award 社会贡献奖
  • Green Business Award 环保企业奖
  • Chinese Champion in Europe Award (Chinese Company) 中国企业在欧洲卓越表现奖(由中国企业申请)

Nomination Instruction for Contest Participants 申请指南

1. Eligibility: Must be European Companies in China to apply the first 6 categories, and must be Chinese companies operating in Europe to apply for the last category.


2. Must send the application form to the European Chamber before 23:59 of 19th May 2021, indicating why your business should be nominated for this award and which award category. Judging for this award is based solely on the information provided by the nominee.


3. Businesses can be nominated in multiple categories.


4. There is no application fee.


5. The final nominees and winners are determined by the number of online votes and jury decision.


6. The award winners will be announced during the gala dinner on June 25th, 2021.


Timeline 时间安排

19th May 2021 Deadline for Award Applications 奖项申请截至日:2021年5月19日

21st May- 31st May 2021 Online Voting & Jury Assessment 线上投票及评审团评选:2021年5月21日至5月31日

1st Jun 2021  Announcement for Final Nominees 宣布各奖项最终提名企业:2021年6月1日

25th Jun 2021  Gala Dinner and Announcement for Award Winners 颁奖晚宴及宣布获奖企业:2021年6月25日


To learn more, please contact Ms Angel Zhang at azhang@europeanchamber.com.cn and 13823524620. 

更多活动信息,请联系张安琪女士 azhang@europeanchamber.com.cn ,13823524620。