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Moka Bros

Moka Bros was established in Beijing in 2013

Moka Bros believes that a healthy lifestyle begins with tasty, wholesome food. Today, Moka Bros has 8 locations in China spanning Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. Moka Bros uses only real ingredients and always prepares from scratch to create delicious food that fuels inspiration. From breakfast, to business lunches and post-dinner drinks – Moka Bros endorses the idea that life should always be lived in balance. This means you can have your power bowl, and your waffle too. From our vibrant atmosphere and ever-changing wall art, to inspired events and high-energy playlists, we are more than a coffee shop, or restaurant, we are Moka Bros.

爱上摩卡站Moka Bros


摩卡站Moka Bros创立于2013年,目前在北京、成都和上海有8家直营店,认真为大家烹制新鲜自然满满是爱的健康美味。我们相信健康的生活始于均衡的饮食,努力打破“健康=乏味”的固有印象,激励社区伙伴们一起行动保持活力。新常态新未来,一起来好好期待。


Moka Bros Beijing Flagship Store

Nali Patio G/F, Sanlitun Beilu 81, Chaoyang, Beijing




Phone: 010-64622598