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Lena Hørlyk Petersen

Board Member

I am a committed professional, who helps organizations develop their people to create extraordinary results and make their businesses sustainable. 

Through positions across the value chain in entrepreneurial and fast-growing industries as well as mature industries transforming, I have gained hands-on experience in leadership and management. Today, I build upon this experience as a consultant. 

I am dedicated to helping individuals develop their strengths and to build upon what makes them motivated because I believe we can create extraordinary results when we do what we love to do and are great at. And I am passionate about bridging people and teams, using my process-oriented approach, seasoned communications skills, and strong drive.  

As a consultant I have worked with global companies and helped leaders and specialists grow their leadership and collaboration skills across cultures and organizations, using my strong inter-personal skills and cultural awareness. I thrive in cross-cultural and cross-functional settings and truly enjoy an environment of diversity and change. 

My experience with Chinese culture started in 2008; since then, Beijing has been the centre of my professional and personal life; Here, I have helped organizations with leadership and communication in cross-cultural settings, knowledge transfer in fast emerging market conditions and how diversity can create great and innovative results.   

As a consultant, I provide some of the following to clients: 


Implementation of Predictive Index as a management system  


Coaching, mentoring  

Business specialties: 

Business Development, Leadership & Management, Project Management, Product Development, Product Management, Strategy Development & Deployment, Change Management, Branding & Marketing, Communications, Sales and Marketing, Cross-cultural & Cross-organisational leadership.  

Causes I care about: 

Economic Empowerment, Education, Environment, Diversity.