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Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S was founded to supply scientists in biomedical research with a better non-rodent animal model, than what was already available. Such an animal model should have many similarities to humans, a high-quality health standard and be small and easy to handle. Today, Göttingen Minipigs are fully recognized as an established animal model by all regulatory authorities worldwide. High health, welfare, quality, knowledge and service standards has turned Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S into a leading international company supplying Göttingen Minipigs for biomedical research around the world, in close cooperation with our dedicated partners.

From our AAALAC accredited facility in Denmark we breed Göttingen Minipigs and enable the development of safer and more effective medicines, all based on our core values: Animal welfare, quality, respect and collaboration.

Göttingen Minipigs

Göttingen Minipigs are widely used in biomedical research, including drug development and regulatory studies, and excel in their unique health status, well documented genetic background, similarity to humans and availability in large, uniform group. The stable genetic background is ensured through careful genetic selection and breeding. Göttingen Minipigs are produced in independent, full-barrier, SPF facilities to ensure high microbiological quality, and their well-defined health status is ensured through isolated barrier-breeding and documented in the publically available Health Monitoring Reports. The colonies are health monitored every six months and tested for a wide range of pathogens, based on FELASA recommendations. 


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