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Chateau de Cayx Winery

The Chateau de Cayx is located in the area of Luzech in southern France and has been owned by the Danish royal family since 1974. The Chateau is surrounded by sophisticated vines that has been used for producing wine since the time of the Romans. The Cayx Winery has produced wines in the cellar adjacent to the Chateau since 1993 and in 2015, HRH. Prince Henrik partnered with Vinovalie Group to safeguard the future of the winery. Vinovalie has since then been responsible for producing and selling the wine in close relations to the royal family.


The city of the winery, Cahor, is known for their strong wine rich with tannic acid and fruits. The Cayx collection of wines includes several vintages and ranges from affordable to truly outstanding vintages. The winery produces very accessible wines with firm reputation both in France and abroad.