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AMC is an international architecture & interior design firm with a solid experience in workplace solution projects and out portfolio shows major projects we have been realizing in the last 9 years, such as Lei Shing Hong, Daimler, GOVO(Google), Standard & Poor's, Société Générale, Bank of America,and Cisco systems among others. Our experienced senior design team been working togather for many years and we are very confident to provide personal and reliablt consultancy service for any project size.
no 505, bldg 39, no 4 gongti beilu chaoyang district, beijing 100027
北京市 朝阳区 工人体育场 北路4 39号楼 505

no 310, bldg 2, no 425 yanping road jing’an district, shanghai 200040

上海市 静安区 延平路425号 2号楼 310室



Phone: +86 134 8866 7729 (marc); +86 185 1177 6488 (rose)